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Analysis on the Scale of Tea Market in China

Analysis on the Scale of Tea Market in China

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2018/08/14 01:51
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Tea consumption is not only a traditional consumption, but also a mature consumption.

In recent years, the main tea-producing areas in the South have increased farmers'income by developing tea production. In some key tea-producing counties, tea income accounts for more than 80% of farmers' total income.

Relevant reports: The in-depth investigation and investment prospects forecast report of China's tea industry from 2016 to 2022 released by Zhiyan Consulting shows that the total area of tea plantations in China will reach 43.16 million mu in 2015 and the output of tea in China will reach 80,000 tons in 2016. In 2015, China's tea market is about 300 billion yuan, of which the online sales market is nearly 12 billion yuan, and the online tea market is expected to reach 15 billion yuan in 2016.

Trend Map of Tea Yield Scale from 2005 to 2016

In recent years, China's tea consumption is in a transitional period. Tea industry is a well-deserved sunrise industry. Under the multiple factors of tea culture, organic tea, health tea and the rise of famous and excellent tea, the traditional regional consumption habits of tea are being decomposed and replaced by a more modern and diversified trend of tea consumption.

Tea consumption is not only a traditional consumption, but also a mature consumption. However, in recent years, many new changes have been added. In the past, tea was mainly brewed and appreciated, but now it shows the trend of multi-dimensional development. Now, China has entered the era of tea drinking for the whole people. Especially, the high demand of middle-aged and old tea customers for tea efficacy and taste and the demand of young tea customers for tea fashion have directly stimulated the extension of tea industry chain, thus promoting the Chinese tea market to enter a new round of leap-forward development in the next few years.