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What kind of tea is suitable for people of different constitutions? Drinking right is healthy (2)

What kind of tea is suitable for people of different constitutions? Drinking right is healthy (2)

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2018/12/10 19:22
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White tea is a specialty of China. It is mainly made by withering and drying. The shape, aroma and taste of white tea are very good

China is the largest tea country in the world. According to color (or production technology), it can be divided into green tea, yellow tea, white tea, green tea, black tea and black tea.

Green tea is non-fermented tea, yellow tea is slightly fermented tea, white tea is mildly fermented tea, green tea is semi-fermented tea, black tea is fully fermented tea, black tea is post-fermented tea.

All kinds of tea have different kinds of tea. People of different physiques need to drink different kinds of tea to be healthy. Do you know?

1, green tea

Cold, suitable for people who have a hot constitution, strong stomach fire and energetic drinking, green tea has a good radiation protection effect, is very suitable for people who often work in front of the computer.

Green tea is the earliest tea in history, more than 3000 years ago. It is also the most productive tea in China. Its producing areas are mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi and other provinces. The representative teas are Longjing West Lake, Maojian Xinyang, Biluochun and so on. People with cold stomach should not drink too much, excessive will cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Neurasthenia and insomnia should not drink tea before going to bed. Women who are breastfeeding should also drink less tea. Tea has astringent effect on milk.

2, white tea

Cool sex, suitable for the crowd and green tea similar, but "green tea is grass, white tea is treasure," white tea on display has the effect of eliminating evil and strengthening the body.

White tea is a specialty of China. It is mainly made by withering and drying. The shape, aroma and taste of white tea are very good. It does not stir-fry or rub when processing, but only dries the tender, hairy tea leaves on the back or dries them with gentle fire, so as to keep the white hairs intact. White tea is mainly produced in Fuding, Zhenghe, Songxi and Jianyang counties in Fujian Province. It includes "silver needle", "white peony", "Gongmei" and "Shoumei".

3, yellow tea

Cold nature, efficacy is similar to green tea, the difference is the taste, green tea refreshing, yellow tea mellow.

Yellow tea is a special product of our country. It can be divided into small yellow tea and big yellow tea according to fresh leaves. For example, Mengding Yellow Bud, Junshan Silver Needle, Fengshan Maojian, Quancheng Red, Quancheng Green and Pingyang Huangtang are all small yellow tea, while some yellow tea produced in Jinzhai, Huoshan and Yingshan of Anhui Province are large yellow tea. The quality characteristic of yellow tea is "Huangye Huangtang". Yueyang, Hunan, is the home of Chinese yellow tea.

4. Green Tea (Oolong Tea)

Sex level, suitable for the widest range of people.

Green tea, also known as oolong tea, semi-fermented tea. It is one of the most distinctive tea products in China. Oolong tea combines green tea and black tea. Its quality is between green tea and black tea. It has both the strong and delicious taste of black tea, the fragrance of green tea and the reputation of green-leaf-red edge. The pharmacological effects of Oolong tea are mainly manifested in fat decomposition, weight loss and body building. In Japan, it is called beauty tea, bodybuilding tea. The representative teas are Wenshan Baozhi Tea, Anxi Tieguanyin Tea, Frozen Top Oolong Tea, etc.

5, black tea

Temperature, suitable for cold stomach, cold hands and feet, weak, older people to drink, with milk, honey taste better.

Black tea in English. During the processing of black tea, the enzymatic oxidation of tea polyphenols took place. The chemical composition of fresh leaves changed greatly, and tea polyphenols decreased by more than 90%. New components such as theaflavin and thearubin were produced. Aroma substances increased significantly compared with fresh leaves. So black tea has the characteristics of black tea, black soup, red leaves and sweet alcohol. Qimen black tea is the most famous black tea variety in China. It is the second largest tea category in China. According to its processing methods and tea shape, it can generally be divided into three categories: small black tea, Kungfu black tea, broken black tea and black tea treasure.

6, dark tea

Sex temperature, can go greasy, detoxify, hypolipidemic, appropriate storage before drinking, taste and curative effect is better.

Black tea was originally mainly sold to the border area. The raw materials were crude and the accumulated fermentation time was long, which made the leaves dark brown. It is an indispensable daily necessities for Tibetan, Mongolian and Uygur brothers. There are Hunan Black Tea, Hubei Laoqing Tea, Guangxi Liubao Tea, Sichuan West Road Tea, South Road Tea, Yunnan Tight Tea, Cake Tea, Fang Tea and Round Tea. Yunnan Pu'er Tea and Hunan Anhua Black Tea are the classical black tea of Chinese tradition.

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