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Zinc-rich and selenium-rich, natural organic

The tea garden is located on the tea shoushan, which is 1,300 meters above sea level in China. It is a good mountain, good water, good scenery, rich in zinc, rich in selenium and rich. Tea Shoushan series tea products are carefully crafted using a combination of unique traditional techniques and modern technology. The black tea color is black and moist, and the taste is long-lasting. The green tea has the excellent quality of Guizhou green tea with typical “emerald green, tender chestnut and rich flavor”.


Bai Shou·Red Love Green

¥480.00 Yuan
It is carefully processed by modern technology. Its finished product has a tight line and a fine color. The soup is red and yellow. The fragrance is long-lasting, full of fragrant, sweet and fragrant.

Bai Shou·Green Yisheng

¥480.00 Yuan
It is carefully processed by modern technology, and its finished product is flat and smooth, straight and straight, with green color or grain yellow. The soup is green, aroma and chestnut, the taste is refreshing and sweet, and the leaves are complete.
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